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Malcolm brings a wealth of experience to his role as Port Manager, Timaru, as he has been involved in log marshalling industry for the past 27 years. Although based in Napier over this period, opportunities provided exposure to many operations both in New Zealand and overseas. Malcolm commenced his current role with NFA as Branch Manager, Timaru, late March, 2017.

Malcolm upholds a high standard of integrity and accuracy within the business with a constant focus on safety. This, he believes, fits in well with NFA’s approach to working which upholds these same values.

Malcolm finds satisfaction in his role when it comes to the completion of vessel loadings. This provides a visual of the efforts by the NFA team and others who have contributed in the industry.

Malcolm is a keen rugby follower, and thinks Timaru is the ideal spot to either support the Highlanders or Crusaders. This ‘bob-each-way’ attitude is probably a reflection of another interest he has, in thoroughbred race horses.

07-577 7600

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