NFA Holdings now operate using MAFI terminal tractors at our Bluff and Dunedin sites. One MAFI has replaced three trucks. Previously during shipping, we required nine trucks to deliver logs to the ship, now we only require three MAFI’s as each MAFI has three dedicated trailers which they drop down and pick up once being loaded.

Safety has increased considerably for the MAFI driver as he always remains in his cab and when the trailers are being loaded or unloaded the trailers are free standing, with no MAFI within the load zone. Additionally, they have a head-board frame which extends over the cab.

Being automatic, they are easy to drive with great visibility and extremely manoeuvrable, with very impressive fuel efficiency. The trailers are purpose built with two rows of eight wheels, which allow for good manoeuvrability when under load, which is often in excess of a 50-tonne payload.

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